Meet the team

Our team of fitness coaches is a group of women who have the desire to be a part of something special and just want more out of life. We are women who have a passion for encouraging others, serving others, and helping others. Women who are encouragers, willing to help others achieve their goals, and women who are working on their OWN health and fitness journeys while desiring to support others on their journeys too.⠀
Everyday I thank God for this opportunity to be able to help others become all that He has created them to be! It has blessed our family beyond measure.⠀
So are you wondering if coaching could be for you, too? Consider this:⠀⠀
*There’s NO need to be a certified expert—it’s about helping OTHERS!⠀⠀
*There’s no need to be super fit—just be committed to your own journey and helping OTHERS!⠀⠀
*You’ll simply support others while on your OWN journey!⠀⠀