You have committed to improving your life by participating in my Five Days to a Better You!

Starting tomorrow, you’ll receive an email every day for five days reminding you to log into my website and there you’ll have access to a daily video. My hope and prayer is that you will soak up what I share in each day’s video and that you will apply this to your life right now so you can begin to see changes and get results.

Can I ask a really big favor of you? Don’t try and multi-task while you watch these five videos. I promise to keep them relatively short, and so I want you to be laser focused when you watch them so you can get the most out of each day. Apply what you learn for that given day and over the course of the five days, you will have some new tools that you can use to lead your healthiest and happiest life ever!

And while you’re at this, why not GRAB A FRIEND!!!

Most importantly, create layers of accountability to help you finish this challenge and keep going long after it’s over! Research shows that people who complete a program with a buddy are much more likely to succeed in sticking to it. So right now, send a message to three friends with this link and invite them to join you:

Now, take a deep breath.
You’ll be hearing from me soon.
I can’t wait to begin this journey together!
In health and in Him,